Different Knots in Human Hair Lace Wigs

Have you been wondering about the different knots and the reason for each? Well, hopefully the explanations below will provide you with answers.

Bleached Knots

Bleach knots is a technique to make the knots less detectable. The knots don't be clear or totally invisible. The bleached hair will help to hide the knots in about 1/4 – 4 inch fronts. It is a method of making the hair appear as if it is growing from the scalp. It gives a realistic view effect. If the original hair color is Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown or Brown, then knots that hold the hair onto the base will be slightly lighter and will be much less visible.

Luckinhair Wigs are bleached knots in front. Also we offer customized bleached knots service.

Single Knots

Single knots are considered the best method of knotting producing a tiny knot for each individual hand-tied hair. Two or three individual hairs can be single knotted at one time speeding up the process to the detriment of creating a larger knot with less aesthetically pleasing finish. It's hard to detect, but easy to shed.

To create a natural hairline look. Luckinhair wigs are single konts in about 1/4 –1/2 inch fronts. It can create a natural look with bleached knots. 

Double Knots

Double knots literally involve knotting hair twice to produce a double knot which provides a stronger, more robust knot. The resulting knots are however even more visible under close inspection. It's easy to detect, but not easy to shed.

Silk Top Hidden Knots

Silk Top Hidden Knots are hidden under the inside layers of lace. It has two pieces of lace, and the knot is completely invisible which gives the impression the hair is growing naturally out of the scalp. The silk top is available in popular colors to match your complexion.

Silk Injection

Silk Injection is the process of injecting hair strands into Thin Skin. The knots are undetectable, resulting in a lace wig that looks natural and with an unbelievably crown that can be parted down the center, left or right part. Silk Injection is similar to a Silk Top, except it is made with Thin Skin.