How to Adjust Wig Cap Size?

Human hair wigs always have been an attractive hair product, it can take you a natural and beautiful appearance. Choosing a suitable hair wig gets more and more important for many black women. There are some important factors on hair wig, like wig texture, length, density and wig cap size, and among all these factors, wig cap is a key, when you choose a hair wig, you must think about this, so you can wear the hair wig more naturally.

At first, let us know what is the wig cap size? usually wig cap size refer to wig inside cap circumference, measure around the circumference of your head from the front hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of your neck, to your other ear, and back to the front hairline. Basically, there are three wig cap size options, small size, 21 inch, medium size, 22 inch, large size, 23 inch. The medium size is suitable for most people.

Here we will introduce three basic tips:

  1. Using adjustableadjustable elastic band.

Now, many human hair wigs will come with adjustable elastic band, Sogoodhair wigs also have this, you can move the little hooks' location to adjust wig cap sizes according to your head size, this way is work for both small and big size head people, if your hair wig doesn’t have this, you can buy one, sew it in the end part of the wig cap, after adjust this, it can fit your head perfectly.

  1. Using silicone hairband.

This way is more useful for small size head people. There are two color options for silicone hairband, light brown and transparent, you can choose as your preference. The use way as follows, wear it firstly in the front head part, then install your hair wig, it can make the hair wig match with the head well. You can use it on every hair wig, it will not take an influence on the hair wig itself.

  1. Sewing elastic band on hair wig

We highly recommend this way, it is more invisible, can make your look more natural. Weaved it in the back part of the hair wig firstly, sew two pieces one time will be better. After that, you can adjust the size freely with this band, if you use it on a lace frontal wig, it can also help you achieve a glueless look. 

If you are good at glueless wig, all kinds of our wig can be glueless. Because we add extra elastic band, combs and special design cap construction.


These three ways are all very useful in adjusting the wig cap size, especially for a small head, if you have a big head size, now we also support customized big cap size hair wig. Any question, just contact us freely.