How to dye a skunk stripe on a wig?

So what is skunk stripe wig?

In guitar terms, a skunk stripe refers to the thin brown strip running down the neck of the instrument. And when it comes to hair, it's pretty much the same thing—a bleach blonde, light brown, or brightly colored highlight patch that contrasts the rest of your hair. In today's wig fashion trend, the skunk stripe wig has take a important sit in influencers favorite hair. 

Why it goes so popular in short time?

The skunk stripe wig goes popular in this winter, you know, there is not that many colors during winter time, when people are tired of the natural black and brown hair, the brighter skunk stripe wig stands out from the normal styles, it does not like the pure color wig or pure natural black hair, not common but can catch your eyes.

What's most popular skunk stripe wig color?

Luckin Hair is always in the frontier of catching fashion and demands of beauty trend. As we launch the honey blonde skunk stripe wig (which is the first color skunk stripe also the classic one) on our website, we got so many good feedbacks about this and we were asking to do more colors in this style. So we launched ginger, pink, blue, hot pink, cherry red, green and the blonde color Successively! 

Can I dye the skunk stripe wig by myself?

Yes, of course! To satisfy different needs of our customers, we launched the blonde 613 skunk stripe wig on our site which allow you customize the color you like by yourself. Come on, it's 613 color, you could dye it to any color you want or just keep it as blonde, what a good opportunity for girls who want to dye their hair in special style!