How to melt lace well?

    The lace wig is very popular in most countries, but the most difficult thing is how to melt your wig lace well and make it undetectable even in close sight. If you have the same problem, hope this blog could give you some inspiration. 

Firstly, Know Lace Type

There are many kinds of lace wigs in the hair market but the lace quality is uneven, normally there are Swiss lace Wig, Medium Brown Lace Wig, Dark Brown Lace Wig, Light Brown Lace Wig, Transparent Lace wig, and most popular- HD Lace Wig.

Some companies use regular light transparent lace ads HD lace to attract customers but the thing is Transparent lace is totally different from HD lace. The cost is different so the transparency also different, For now, Only HD lace could totally achieve invisible no matter on what skin color. ISEE Crown Series wig is top HD lace wig which could melt well with any skin color.

Secondly, Choose the suitable lace according to your skin color. 

If you have a limited budget, you could choose the transparent lace but transparent lace is mostly friendly for light skin color. Let's see a picture of how the lace type could melt with skin.

From this picture, we could see that the HD lace is most transparent and almost undetectable, the transparent lace should work well on light skin color, the medium brown lace also could melt well but is not as transparent as HD lace.