How To Wear A Wig In The Cold Winter?

Human hair wig products need care to extend its service life.How should we wear human hair wigs in bad weather,and what should we pay attention to before wearing,let's figure it out together.

Take Care Of Wigs

You may have noticed that the temperature has dropped recently.If you wear a wig,you need to be prepared for the challenge of wearing and caring for the wig in the colder months.Whether you wear a human hair or an artificial wig,wind,rain and low temperature will cause serious damage to it.This is how to wear a wig when the weather is cold.

Human Hair Wigs Need Some Care

Cold temperatures and strong winds can make your wig very dry,so if you use some care products to make your wig look less frizzy.If the weather is colder and you can't take care of your wig every day,you can use a hair mask once a week.The hair mask can also help you solve this problem.More importantly,don't mess around with practical care products.If you don't know or understand,you can consult Luckinhair.Luckinhair will have the answer you want.

Do Not Styling By Heating Your Hair

Don’t use heat treatment to styling your hair.After heating,your hair may become choppy and reduce the life of your human hair wig.Just use some styling products to make your wig look shiny and very full. At lower temperatures,please use light creams,oils and some other moisturizing products to keep your human hair wigs hydrated,thereby preventing frizz and protecting hair from damage.

Cover And Decorate To Protect Your Wig

Whether you are going to the store or taking a walk in the winter,consider wearing a hat or soft scarf to protect your wig from the elements.You can also use an umbrella to block rain and snow,prevent them from getting your wig wet,and avoid more troubles and damage to your hair.

Make Sure That The Wig Is Not Wet

In your daily work and the days you spend indoors,please keep a natural look. Just make sure that the wig is not wet(or even a bit damp)and don't go out:In the cold of winter,the hair will freeze,making it easy to break and become brittle.Pat and dry the wig with a soft towel is your best choice. Before putting on the wig,you need to arrange your hair so that it fits well on your scalp,and then put on the wig.

Here are the steps to wear a wig:

Step 1 Hold the wig with two hands and press it against the nape where the label is located.Tilt your head slightly forward.You will wear the wig from front to back.

Step 2 Place the front part of the wig above the eyebrows,and then put on the wig like a hat.Adjust the position of the wig and place it correctly on the head.

Step 3 Push the front part of the wig back until it is slightly below your hairline. Place the wig centered on both sides of the front of the ears,without covering the ears. When it feels comfortable to wear,roll up other stray hair. If the wig feels tight or too loose,use the adjustable Velcro tab located on the back of the wig to secure the wig to the head. You can adjust the circumference of the wig to the maximum size on each side to improve comfort.