Loose Wave VS Body Wave, Which Hair Do You Choose?

Every girl is looking forward to having flawless hair to stay beautiful and charmful all time. While there are various human hair products on the market, such as straight hair, body wave, deep wave, loose wave, water wave, and so on. So what is the difference between body wave and loose wave? Which one is better for you, loose wave or body wave? Keep reading to find the answer in order to make the best decision when purchasing.

1. What Is Body Wave Hair?

Body wave hair actually is a kind of hair weave that usually has loose curls creating an S-shape. It is usually shiny and has a natural appearance.

And it is low-maintenance and can be straightened or curled according to your need. Besides that, the body wave hair bundles can blend with almost all types of natural hair and help your hair to look more natural. When worn correctly, we believe no one can tell you are wearing any body wave weaves.

That’s the reason why body wave short hair like natural wave Peruvian hair or virgin Malaysian curly hair is always hot-selling among African Americans.

The Features Of Hair Body Wave 

1. 100% human hair that’s directly cut from the same donor’s head the original cuticle, collected by facing the same direction;

2. No any chemicals or synthetic;

3. Silky, smooth, soft, and thick;

4. Tangle-free, no shedding, no smell;

5. Can protect your natural hair from heat damage;

6. Doesn't require too much maintenance;

7. Affordable, highly versatile, and fits any face shape;

8. Can last at least six months with proper care;

The Pros Of Body Wave Hair

1. The short body wave hair features flat strains; It is an ideal option for those people who love simple hairstyles;

2. It is very easy to maintain; It won’t shed or tangle a lot easier;

3. It can be colored and bleached just like your natural hair;

The Con Of Body Wave Hair

It won’t hold up curls well, for instance, once it will lose the curls, you only attain a straight hair look;

2. What Is Loose Wave Hair?

Loose wave hair is a kind of weave that also usually has loose and huge curls. Compared to middl part body wave hair, the Indian loose wave has a bit tighter and smaller curl, which is the main difference between the loose wave and body wave hair as well.

Brazilian Loose wave hair is neither too tight nor too straight and often is fluffier and more natural so most users prefer loose hair.

The Features Of Loose Wave Hair

1. The Curls of loose wave hair flow in different directions;

2. Has smaller and tighter curls compared to body wave hair;

3. The luster varies from high to medium, mainly relying on where you are sourcing the hair from;

4. Has a more defined curl pattern;

5. Made of virgin Remy human hair, very bouncy and thick;

6. Have healthy and full ends and no split ends;

The Pros Of Loose Wave Hair

1. It is a high-quality hair;

2. It is extremely shiny;

3. It can be colored;

4. It has defined curls so that you don’t need any extra styling tools;

The Con Of Loose Wave Hair

It shouldn’t be bleached by yourself;

3. What Are The Differences Between Body Wave And Loose Wave?

Through reading the above article, we can clearly realize that there isn’t much difference between body wave hair weave and loose wave hair weave. Of course, there are some little differences that exist. Now let us have a look together.

1. Volume

Loose wave hair bundles have more volume than side part body wave hair.

2. Curl Pattern

As the above mention, loose wave weaves have smaller and tighter curls than body wave human hair.

Differences Body Wave Loose Wave
Volume Less More
Curl Pattern Bigger and looser Smaller and tighter
Versatility Worse Better
Elasticity Less bouncy More bouncy

3. Versatility

Body wave virgin hair can't hold curls well and will get straighter and straighter as the time goes. Therefore, loose wave human hair is more versatile in styling and holds the curls longer than body wave hair.

4. Elasticity

Body wave hair extensuions are designed with closely placed strains and are less bouncy. Thus, the loose wave Brazilian hair is the best choice for people seeking a bouncy and fuller look.

4. Which Is Better, Loose Wave Or Body Wave?

In fact, whether it’s long body wave hair or Brazilian hair loose wave, it’s the best virgin human hair product. It will make you look good, no matter what hairstyle you choose. In order to help you make the best decision.

1. If you want to look for a bouncy, thicker, and fuller hair look, nothing is better than Peruvian loose wave hair;

2. If you tend to have a versatile hairstyle, why not consider purchasing some Brazilian loose wave hair bundles?

3. If you are a straight hair lover and still want to have a different try, then Indian body wave will be your best choice. Once you are tired of wave hair, it can be easily straightened.

4. If you don’t have enough time to style your hair in the morning, the loose wave virgin hair is best for you.

The only way to know whether loose wave or body wave is right for you is by trying it. At Luckinhair, there are all kinds of body wave and loose wave hair products in any color and length. Have a try, you will achieve your dream hair look.

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