Must-Have 5 Colored Lace Wigs

With the improvement of living standards, women's demand for beauty has gradually increased. Hair wigs have become an indispensable beauty artifact in women's lives. Nowadays there is at least one wig on the dressing table of every beautiful girl. Wearing different styles of wigs on different occasions will make you become the queen who has a variety of looks.

But currently when human hair wigs are common; wearing the same style of wigs is as common as dress the same. Are you tired of wearing black hair every day? Among the girls wearing wigs on the street, do you want to be unique and eye-catching?

If so, wearing colorful hair is an excellent way to manipulate the appearance and enhance beauty. Here are 5 colored lace wigs you must have.

  1. Dark Brown wig

If you don’t want boring black or exaggerated light color hair, the Dark Brown wig will be the best choice. It is a very low-key luxurious color. It is very popular with fashionable girls. and it will be very suitable for your various colors of clothes. Combining it with different clothes will show different effects. At the same time, it is also a color that can be applied in all seasons.


    2.Piano highlight lace wig

If you like to be different and try new things, the piano color will be your best choice. There is some blonde hair mixed in the wig. And you will also be the highlight in the crowd. Wearing this wig, it will make you more stylish. Your hair will not be pure color, but a mixture of two colors. It will make your hair interesting and attract more people's attention. You will be the most beautiful scenery on the street.

    3. 613 blond lace wig

613 blond is very popular in colored wigs. The color is very light and symbolizes purity. If you order a 613 wig, it doesn’t mean you own only one wig. Because it can also be dyed into any color you want, and the dyeing effect is very good. You can dye it gray, purple, rainbow color, etc. To get the desired effect, first, you can dye your hair with a wisp to test it, and then dye the whole thing. Or you can ask the professional stylist to help you dye it.

If you need to participate in a costume party, or you are a fan of COSPLAY. Don’t hesitate, take one. You can dye it into the color you need. It will be the highlight of your look. Therefore, the 613 wig is a universal hair wig. And it is transparent lace, which will melt your skin perfectly .so there is no need to worry about the lace isn’t suitable for your skin tone.

  1. 99j lace wig

99j Burgundy is a color between purple and red. Mention Burgundy, what do you think of? It represents elegance, nobility, self-confidence, and charm. Wearing a 99j wig will look dignified but romantic, otherworldly, and mysterious. It is not difficult to imagine that Burgundy is the best carrier to strengthen women's femininity. It is very popular in our color hairs.

You can take it to attend high-end receptions, parties, or dances. No matter where you are, you will become the queen of the party and the focus of everyone's attention.

    5.Gingercolor wig

Ginger, without the glare of lemon yellow, and not as dim as earthy yellow, gives us a very comfortable and durable beauty. The most important thing is because its brightness is lower than most warm colors, it can make your skin tone more white and translucent. It gives people a very comfortable feeling visually. A warm color like ginger will have a strong sense of density and will make your hair look thicker.


Colors make our world colorful and make humans have more fun in the process of finding the necessities of life. In this dull winter, wearing a colorful wig and you will become a bright color. You can also choose suitable makeup and clothing to match it. It can accompany you on different occasions and Witness your beautiful life.