What Is PU Skin for Hair Extensions and Wigs?

Hair extensions are getting more and more popular, but one thing remains the same. It’s still considered the best when they look as natural as possible. Therefore, the materials used to make and install extensions are changing. One of the latest developments in this technology is PU skin. This is the thinnest type of artificial skin used for this purpose today and it has some truly outstanding properties for this application.

Note that PU skin is also used for making wigs. It’s a truly revolutionary material for this. People who wear wigs either by desire or necessity are now able to enjoy a much higher level of comfort compared to the more traditional lace wigs.


PU stands for polyurethane, which is a polymer that has a multitude of applications in many industries. Its application in the hair extension and wig production industry is rather straightforward. A thin, usually translucent, blend of polyurethane is used to make a basis for extensions or cap for the wig.

The main advantages of PU skin for this application include:

* Thinness
Compatibility with adhesives
Flexibility in colors
To get some idea about how much of a difference this material makes, take a look at regular tape or clip-in hair extensions. The hair part itself looks fantastic and can be 100% natural. But the part where the tape is attached is always rather thick and inflexible. It gets even more so when adhesives are used to actually bond it to your natural hair.

Overall, no matter how good the extension of this type, there is always some stiffness and unnatural look to it. And it’s even worse with wigs because you can’t really create a natural-looking hairline with one of the traditional lace caps. However, PU skin weft hair extensions are a different story. Due to the fact that a polyurethane base can be extremely thin and flexible, extensions using it are all but unnoticeable.


When it comes to PU Skin wigs, the most important benefit is that they allow for a very natural look. Thin and transparent polyurethane blends in with your skin easily. Thereby, your hairline looks perfect, so people won’t even notice you are wearing a wig.

Moreover, this base material allows you to actually change the parting on the wig. This means you can spice up the style a bit to make it look even more natural.

You also need to consider the ease of use and maintenance. For all its great properties polyurethane doesn’t require complicated maintenance. It’s easy to clean with warm soapy water and it will dry fast. This alone makes wig maintenance much easier. This also increases the time you can use the wig regularly. Taking it off will also be easy. The knots are invisible on this wig, so there is no necessity for bleaching them.

As to PU skin hair extensions, they are very similar to tape hair extensions. However, the PU base is much thinner. This means that not only are they less noticeable when installed. They are also much more comfortable for you to wear.

These extensions are virtually invisible and polyurethane is compatible with different types of adhesives. Therefore, extensions are easy to both apply and remove. Due to this, you can minimize the damage to your natural hair.

Note that PU skin extensions and wigs are anti-shedding and durable. You’ll be able to use them over and over again for months. If properly maintained, they will look as good as new even after a year.

Overall, PU skin is highly universal and hypo-allergenic. This means that it should be suitable for everyone to use. This type of hair extensions is very flexible. Therefore, they should fit you regardless of your hair type.

Note that PU skin wigs must have good ventilation. Polyurethane is a non-breathable material. Therefore, wearing a poorly-ventilated wig will be uncomfortable. The material of the base also won’t stick to your scalp because of excessive sweating.

That said, remember that you should avoid using any type of hair extensions if your natural hair is damaged and weak. But once it’s healed up enough for this treatment, PU skin extensions are definitely among the safest options to use.

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