What Is Wear & Go Wig?

Wear & go wig can also be called 100% glueless lace wig. Lace area has been well sufficiently processed. You can wear it in 3 seconds and go, no skill needed, very beginner-friendly.

Features Of LuckIn Hair Wear & Go Wig
1. It has HD lace front and dome cap in the back.
2. Pre-plucked hairline with HD lace for most invisible hairline.
3. Dome cap with wide elastic band to secure, adjustable for various head size.
4. No clips or combs, more comfortable to wear.

Why Wear & Go Wig Is Glueless Lace Wig?

1. Well pre-plucked hairline and Single knots front, No skill needed to cut lace, also we offer pre-cut lace options. avoid the damage to the front lace, Beginner Friendly. 
2. Pre-plucked natural hairline, beginner-friendly no extra work needed.
3. Small & Single hair knots knots, most realistic and natural.
4. No glue, no gel needed to hold it down, no worries about allergic.
5. Dome cap with wide elastic band to help the wig sit securely on your head. It is secured from ear to ear, be free of any worries about your wig slipping off, it will stay put until you manually take it off yourself.

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